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I enjoyed this! I would love to see a full length experience. This was very short, but it showed potential.




Gave it a try and left my feedback, though I get that gamejams have time restraints, probably the bigger complaint isn't the bugs, but the lack of anything horror and an anti-climactic ending with nothing inherently 'spooky', for a demo, though, such criticisms and a rant can be found in the video, lol


Hi Neco! Thanks for giving it a try!!! Your video already hit 1.000 views! This is so awesome and heartwarming!

Yeah, all limitations where due to the time constraints and for it being my first ever "finished project". The "ending" was done in just a few hours and was mostly untested the time I submitted it for the jam. lol

I appreciate your opinion on it! :) I plan to continue it very soon, so I'll let you know when the next major release hits!

Thank you so much! ♥️ :))


is this supposed to be a demo for a bigger game cause the game ended so quickly lol I wanted more 

Hi HazzManBlam!

It's an entry for the Scream Empire Game Jam that ended this weekend. So I guess you can consider it a teaser. :)

It was originally planned that in this version you'd be able to walk inside the Valley and find out what the hell is going on. But I had to cut the game short to meet the Game Jam's deadline. I'm hoping to finish it in a more leisurely pace now.

Thanks for playing! :)